Honoring the Past and Celebrating the Present

I was visiting Mrs. Scott’s primary class when one of the children brought a chair to me and told me that on the bottom of the seat was written “Nellis”.  This tiny moment in a busy day linked me to our Mater Amoris legacy in such a personal way.  I looked at that little yellow chair and pictured one of my sons sitting on that chair 35 years ago when they were in Nancy Nellis’ class.  How many little people had been on the chair, had washed and polished that chair.  And how many other talismen were present in our school, touched and held, and washed, and polished by so many children on their path to growing up?

I contacted Nancy Nellis to let her know I had written this memory, and it might be printed in a school communication, and would she object?  She laughed and told me how many times she saw my name on a table or chair or shelf and thought of me.  This thread holds us together as a school and is being celebrated this year as we honor 50 years of Mater Amoris. 

On Saturday, May 11, we will welcome Mater Amoris families from the present and the past. From 1-4pm, our current children and parents will enjoy the food, games, and festivities of our annual Spring Fair. From 3-5pm, Mater Amoris alumni and their families are invited to return to campus to take a walk down memory lane. The library will be open all afternoon for families to enjoy "The Story of Mater Amoris Montessori School", past and present.  At 3:30 the families enjoying the Spring Fair are invited to join alumni and friends at the library as we make a brief presentation recognizing 50 years of excellence in Montessori education.

The past and the present…. this is the constant at a Montessori school—the looking forward as we honor our foundation and celebrate this community.

yellow chair.jpg
Barbara Heikkinen