Ms. Charlotte Shea, founder and past directress of Mater Amoris, received her primary and advanced training at the Washington Montessori Institute. She served for many years as President of the North American Montessori Teacher's Association and has lectured and consulted nationally on Montessori education. She has served as advisor to many Montessori schools in the United States and abroad. Throughout the years, Ms. Shea held nearly every job at Mater Amoris, from bus driver to teacher to directress.


Field hockey was Mater Amoris’ primary sport. All students were introduced to field hockey upon beginning the Lower Elementary Program. Every child participated and the focus was on athleticism, conditioning, and team building. Students developed a thorough understanding of the game and improved their skills through regular practice.

The goal for the Mater Amoris field hockey program was for each child to realize his/her own greatest potential and to develop a high level of athletic performance.

Members of the Upper Elementary class played competitively and had the option to travel with the team at least once during the school year to a regional or national tournament.

Mater Amoris graduates have gone on to participate in intercollegiate field hockey at colleges and universities including Duke University, Northwestern University, Skidmore College, Stanford University, Syracuse University, and Towson University.